Enterprising Europa

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After 30 years in the demolition industry, Roland and Zoya Jarl sold their demolition business and began offering other companies equipment to make their jobs easier. As a contractor, Roland often had to search widely for the right equipment to do a job, sometimes having to design and build his own tools. The Jarls recognized the need for a central company that could offer demolition contractors a wide selection of solutions for their projects. Enterprising Europa, Inc. (EEI) was born of that need.

EEI started with the Gallmac Tool Carrier machinery line and has since expanded to include Socomec Hydraulic Hammers, RockFrac fracturing mortar, CanAm Rock Drill accessories, and most recently, the Trevi Benne line of attachments. With the addition of these products, EEI became the EEI-Group. Contractors can count on EEI's engineers to develop and design the right complement of equipment to satisfy their specific requests.